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PHD From Ukrainian Academy Of Fine Arts And Architecture;

Printmaker, Painter, Art Educator


Art Programs will run on Wednesdays



Art as a therapy, This class is designed to demonstrate that the creative process, is a process where healing is inevitable. We will focus on connecting Hand-Heart-Mind-Spirit in order to achieve harmony through visual self-expression. Painting mandalas (spiritual configurations of geometric shapes), as a self-discovering exercise, helps students to cope with stress and pain.



Drawing and painting animals. A fun and educational course designed to teach young students to draw and paint their favorite animals, using different drawing and watercolour painting techniques.



Drawing and painting favorite movie or game character. During this 6-week course, students will learn basic drawing and painting skills. They will practice to sketch, draw and use watercolours to create a picture with their favorite movie or game character.



Watercolour textures. We will learn and explore various ways to create fascinating textures, using watercolour as a medium.  Techniques are varied and include mixing pigment with bubbles, using rice, salt or few drops of alcohol to achieve special effects. Even baking paper, cheesecloth and bleach can be fun to work with, to create unique watercolour textures.



Introduction to drawing. This course will introduce beginners or those who are working on perfecting their drawing skills, to different drawing techniques: hatching, cross hatching, shading, line drawing, sketching. Along with warm-up exercises, we will work on and complete a still-life drawing.




The Fine Print:

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All classes are non-refundable.
You may contact us within the classes dates if you wish to transfer to a class of equal or lesser value until the end of the current session*

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Program Cancellation Policy

Ace Tennis Academy cannot guarantee that each program or camp will run. The schedule is based on successful programs in previous years. Participation numbers do fluctuate and we cannot control those changes. A minimum of 5 students is required in the programs and camps. Ace Tennis Academy may cancel programs or camps at their discretion. We would try our best to provide an alternative that suits the participant’s needs.