Junior Aces Tennis Programs

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Little Aces Program

Little Aces is our tennis program designed to teach children 5 – 8 years old tennis skills.  Participants will have a positive experience while increasing their physical literacy skills.  The focus of this program is to instill technically correct forehand and backhand ground strokes, develop coordinated fast feet, and good ball perception skills.

Junior Aces 1.0 Program

This program is designed to teach beginner tennis players 9 - 14.  The focus of this tennis program is to teach the forehand and backhand ground strokes and get the children to rally a ball with some consistency.  The serve, overhead smash, lob, and volleys will be introduced.  Proper footwork, movement to the ball and anticipation are taught in each class.

Junior Aces 2.0 Program

This program is designed to teach beginner tennis players who have excelled in the Junior Aces 1.0 program and are 10 – 16 years old.  The focus of the 2.0 level is to increase the consistency and accuracy of the ground strokes and serve.  Children will learn to hit with depth and pace while improving on proper techniques.  The overhead smash, lobs, and volleys will be taught and developed too.

Junior Aces 3.0+ Program

This program is designed for tennis players 11 – 16 years old who have excelled in the Junior Aces 2.0 program.  Children in this program can already rally forehand and backhand ground strokes with consistency, accuracy, and depth. They can serve with some consistency.  This program will continue to build on the forehand, backhand, and serve while developing tennis tactics and strategies.  The serve will be developed so participants get more accurate and consistent on the slice, flat, and topspin serve.  All tennis shots will be practiced.

Junior 3.0 Play and Compete (Spring and Summer only)

This program is designed to let juniors prepare for competitions and tournaments by competing with the other juniors in the program. The instructor will organize the class to ensure all participants are following tennis etiquette and rules. Individual, group, and doubles play will be included in each class. Participants in this program need to be able to rally and play with consistency. Strategies and tactics will be provided by the instructor to help improve the players. Although there will be competitiveness and a desire to win for each player, the instructor will ensure enjoyment is also a focus.

Return / Refund Policy

All classes are non-refundable.
You may contact us within the class dates if you wish to transfer to a class of equal or lesser value until the end of the current session.

**Ace Tennis Academy reserves the right to refuse a refund or transfer at any time and at their discretion.**

Missed Class / Re-Scheduling Policy
Ace Tennis Academy is not responsible if you miss a class.
Rebates and refunds will not be issued. Rain Out Policy (Spring and Summer Classes ONLY)In the event of rain or bad weather, the instructor will determine if the class is cancelled. The instructor will try to inform students of cancellation within the hour before class time (or sooner if possible). Please do not call the instructor or the office more than 30 minutes before your class. If you have not received a call or text, please proceed to the scheduled class. All rain-out classes can be made up on the week immediately following the last scheduled class if there are two or more classes to be made up then the instructor may need to schedule some classes outside of the usual class day and hours. This may include a Friday evening, Saturday or Sunday make-up class. The instructor will keep students informed as the session nears the end. By registering you are agreeing to this policy.

Program Cancellation Policy

Ace Tennis Academy cannot guarantee that each program or camp will run. The schedule is based on successful programs in previous years. Participation numbers do fluctuate and we cannot control those changes. A minimum of 5 students is required in the programs and camps. Ace Tennis Academy may cancel programs or camps at their discretion. We would try our best to provide an alternative that suits the participant’s needs.